Friday 14 September 2012

Summer is so over. Roll on a Brighton autumn

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One last paddle...
It's about this time of year that I contemplate moving to Australia. I've loved the summer, hanging out on the beach (okay, okay, hanging out at the Fortune of War) spending an inordinate amount of time in shorty shorts and feeding the kids chips and Magnums every day. But now it's time to put my vest back on and embrace the shorter days. We might not spend every weekend on the beach, but I have been assured that we won't get bored during the colder months at the seaside.

Firstly, this weekend, we have the uber-awesome Brighton British Beards and Moustache Championships coming to town. As a renowned moustache fan, this is without a doubt the most important date in my diary. We're off to watch the Beard Parade through town tomorrow lunchtime plus more hirsute fun and frolicks throughout the afternoon. Although, I will draw the line at moustache rides. Ahem.

We also have the awesome Biba exhibition at the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery to look forward to. It opens next week and runs 'til April, which means I will be able to drag the kids around it more than once.

Sadly, the infamous White Night, Brighton's annual all-night arts festival, has been cancelled this year due to lack of funding. So unfortunately I won't get to hang out after hours with a sherry in hand at the city's museums, which is a shame as it sounds like my sort of culture.

We've also got the Brighton Comedy Festival in October. Yes, three whole weeks of pant-wetting belly laughs. This year has tonnes of good acts coming to the seaside including my favourite rude girl, Jenny Eclair (I'll be there heckling in the front row!).

And if that's not enough excitement, Peter Andre is only coming to the Brighton Centre on the 11th of December. Phew! Not sure I can cope with all the excitement

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