Friday 13 July 2012

Brighton, I want my money back.


I'm furious. Forty days and forty nights of soul-destroying rain does not make Dolly a happy girl.
In fact, I would even go as far and say that I feel cheated. I expected more of you, Brighton. You've broken your promise of a golden summer and in turn shattered my seaside dreams. Okay, so a bit dramatic, but still, lay off the rain for a moment will you? It's my first summer as a Brighton resident and I'm rapidly losing my sense of humour.
Last year, on my weekly pilgrimage to the estate agents of this town, the sun shined like a beacon enticing me in with its embracing heat and sunniness. The streets were bathed in a golden glow and happy folk in flip-flops and maxi dresses swanned their way to the beach without a care in the world.
With this picture in mind, I informed Mr Dolly that we're not going on holiday this year and instead we shall stay and enjoy the fruits of our new home. I carried on my staycation charade with my London pals, 'go away?' I sniffily retorted. 'I LIVE on holiday. I'm spending the summer on Brighton beach, my friend.' in a revoltingly smug fashion. Oh how I laughed when I read their status updates from Thailand whilst nursing my trenchfoot. 
Despite my love for Brighton, I have to admit there are few places that look more dismal in the rain than a seaside resort. All I can say is thank goodness for Lucky Voice on Black Lion Street, a padded haven of karaokeness where even the vilest of weather can't penetrate. Add nine pina coladas and Scouser named Dave and it could almost be Magaluf '94.


  1. oh dear Dolly! Yes it has been a cruddy summer so far. No, it's not normally like this. On behalf of Brighton I apologise. And give you some suggestions for things to do in Brighton when it's raining:

    1. Booth Museum - Terrifying natural history stuffed animal collection. If I really want to frighten the kids I threaten to take them here.
    2. Toy Museum - The one in Trafalgar St under the station. It's a really quaint & sweet place, plus if you're good they'll let you push a button & set the trains off.
    3. Sea Life Centre - Just been refurbished, great turtles. We reviewed it here:
    4. Stay in your house. It's probably a lot better than the one you were in before, or you wouldn't have moved.

    Hope this helps!


    1. Brilliant ideas, Ms Mallon. Thank you. I am definitely going to take the beasts to the Booth Museum. Probably as a punishment, but still. And I went past the Toy Museum last week, I never knew it was there, so that's another day trip. I loved the Sealife Centre (I used to be Sammy the Seal many years ago) we went last month and they all really enjoyed it. You forgot the pub though, I do love a pub in the rain. Brilliant stuff, you are a star. x