Friday 20 July 2012 Boden mums in their natural habitat

Lewes is famous for bonfire night where effigies of politicians and celebrities are paraded through the streets before being burnt on the pyre.
I went to Lewes yesterday, the county town of East Sussex which lies about 6 miles north of Brighton. More Boden than boho, this pretty market town attracts a certain type of DFL (generally those from zone 1 who have gardeners and Carluccio's loyalty cards) and it reminded me of an article I read a while back written by a bitter Brighton-phobe. 
*anti-Brighton warning klaxon*
Despite being published 14 years ago it still attracts comments by loyal Brightonions. He famously states that Brighton is where those who can't handle London live and then right at the end of the piece bungs in "...and Lewes is where the people who can't handle Brighton live". What's the betting he now lives in Kemp Town and is writing his first Brightoncentric novel, eh? What a wally.

However, despite his nonsense I must admit, it does seem that when the London lot get tired of Brighton they move to Lewes. It's full with chichi shops, organic delis and expensive designer boutiques no doubt opened by smug ex-London fashion stylists.
Centuries ago I went to Lewes Tech and this was the first time I've been back and I was amazed at how different it is. It has a castle (who knew?) and a cattle market, which I do remember if only for the pungent scent on market day.  It's also still home to Harvey's Brewery, where on brew day the whole town would be engulfed by the smell of boozy Weetabix.

Anyway, while I wouldn't necessarily move there I can certainly see its attraction. But don't listen to me, listen to someone who's done it

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