Wednesday 2 May 2012

I have become a Brighton smugsy

Well, I've got to say, I'm not wholly surprised by this. I seem to have come down with the BSS, or as us DFLs (down from London) call it, Brighton Smug Syndrome. I must admit I should have seen the signs coming. Within a week of moving in, I seemed to have joined a little (actually, a bloody huge) gang. EVERYONE was from London. I met my old London neighbour in the playground at school "oh, you finally made it! Great, isn't it?" she said smugly. "Oh yes, Laura's Brixton, and Julia she's Crouch End." they say with a self-rightous smirk which screams 'look how great we are?' 'haven't we made the right move?'. And now I'm doing it. Well it's so beautiful and trendy and with loads of great shops, restaurants, cafes and when the sun shines it seems like everyone is on holiday. And we have the sea. The beautiful briny sea. And THIS is during winter, can you imagine how unbearable I'm going to be in the summer? Ghastly.
So as my beautiful blonde boy skateboards to school, the little ladies get a shiny glow as they run along the beach, I too have become smug Brightonian. Punch me now. 

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