Thursday 10 May 2012

Where's Cliff? I'm on a perma-summer holiday

I've gotta say the absolute best thing about living in Brighton has to be the proximity to the beach. It's all I can do to not spend my days on the carousel, eating hot doughnuts and having 'Mam' tattooed on my bosom. Even though the weather has not been kind these past few weeks, a quick hour dahn the arcades and a stick of candy floss is never wasted, in my view.
When you move to the seaside, there's one thing you can expect and that's lots of visitors. If I'd known how popular it would make us I'd have moved years ago. At first leaving my beloved London felt like a massive wrench. For fifteen years it felt like the centre of the universe and I worried that if I stepped out of zone 4 I'd fall to my death into a big smoking crack in the earth. But apparently not. Brighton is the first stop on the seaside train and at the first sign of sun is heaving with be-Croc'd Londoners.
Within weeks of arriving we've already had a steady stream of visitors. Which is brilliant, however, come the summer months I worry that this could get out of hand, like when a cheeky weekend visit turns into two weeks full board in August. If this is the case, I shall be putting my best landlady grimace, hoiking up my formidible bust and insisting on a maximum two night rule.

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